MAKE.BELIEVE, Image Concept
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Image Concept, Art Buying, Photo Editing and Production for Sony.
The topics Play, Listen & Create of the make.believe
campaign are transformed into expressive sportive and
everyday actions.

For this project we have the pleasure to work together with
dancers of the Forsythe Company. The ensemble is internationally
known for its experimental dance language.

Client | Sony
Creative Direction | Stefan Hauser
Art Direction | Bianca Elmer
Agency | hauser lacour
Photographer | Dominik Mentzos
Dancers | CYRIL BALDY, Fanni Varga

TWIN, Movie
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Propeller, Movie
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SML, Movie
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Serien.Lighting, Movies
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Five movies for the light manufacturer
The most important functions of every lamp are carried over into the world of the protagonist and are mirrored there.

Commissioned by Jean-Marc da Costa and produced by hauser lacour
Creative Directors | Laurent Lacour, Bianca Elmer
Director | Oliver Hardt
Director of Photography | Harald Schmuck
Editing, Color Grading, Polishing | Martin Hoffmann
Production Management | Monique Gscheidle
Making Of | Merle Düpmeier and Elena Stoljarowa
Props | Tina Kohlmann
Stylist | Cornelia Heuser
Performers | Julija Goyd, Anthony Kirk
Music | a.k.a.

DDC 14 Award

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Corporate Design and Website for, one of the leading lighting designers in Germany.
The goal in designing this website was to convey core characteristics and topics related to a fascination with design, technology and light.
It provides retailers with simple and clear access while also making the site interesting for visitors. Since what is special about every luminaire
is also reflected in its name, each lighting unit is staged together with
its name, thus forming an entity and becoming a single mini-brand.

Creative Direction | Laurent Lacour, Bianca Elmer
Art Direction | Bianca Elmer
Strategic Planning | Laurent Lacour
Project Management | Felix Damerius
Programming | BlueMars
Lead AGENCY | hauser lacour

DDC 14 Award /Gold, ADC Award /Bronze, Red Dot Award /Winner

Formal Beauty & Function, Catalogue
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Concept and design for the catalogue.

Lead AGENCY | hauser lacour
Art Direction | Bianca Elmer

IFA and Light+Building, Stand Designs
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Stand design, interactive exhibits and product communication for Sony, Siemens, Serien.Lighting and Osram.

Visual communication for the Sony trade-fair stand at the ifa 2012. we were responsible for the visual communications side to the concept as well as its design and realization across 6,000 sq. m.

For Siemens we developed i.a. an interactive
high performance exhibit which documents the product developers’ intense analysis of coffee: production, processing,
technical aspects and culinary presentation.

CLIENT | Siemens, Sony
AGENCY | hauser lacour Communication Design
Photographer | Becker Lacour

CLIENT | Osram
AGENCY | KMS Blackspace

Seeing as Thinking, Exhibition Publications
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Publications for the exhibition "Seeing as Thinking“, Museum of Contemporary Art in Siegen.

In single and multiple film projections, in linear and spatial assemblies of film and sound Eske Schlüters explores the perception of loosely connected moving images and film sequences not conjoined by an underlying strict narrative. The artist examined grand themes of motion picture history: love, truth, and death, concepts also regarded as the classic themes of philosophy.

CLIENT | Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen
AGENCY | hauser lacour
CREATIVE & Art Direction | Laurent Lacour, Bianca Elmer

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